Art Gallery OVR (ubiCam) (interactive 3D/VR)

This is an early Prototype of a virtual art gallery made for portfolio presentation purposes. Or it could also be used for for testing an art installation. YOU CAN LOAD YOUR OWN IMAGES INTO THE GALLERY BY COPYING THE PICTURES IN THE SAME DIRECTORY WHERE THE .EXE IS LOCATED. version 01_02b features + marmoset IBL shaders with vray lightmaps + external image source -- upcoming features would be - a fully editable image scourcing process. - dynamic picture frame that adjust to image size - mipmaps that are generated at runtime for the pictures - other fun stuff like interactive installations characters etc.

For best Performance give the pictures a power of 2 size e.g. 2048x1024 or 4096x4096 ...
the picture size should not exceed 4096x4096px because of memory limit on the graphics card.
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