Virtual Reality project for advertising a new audio system from GRUNDIG, showcased at the IFA 2016 in Berlin. The leading Agency was Madhat GmbH, who provided the basic concept for the experience.

My role was to concept and create the art assets entirely, but also establish a clean and efficient 3D pipeline. Also performance optimization of the VR content and PBR shaders was my responsibility. Other credits go to Markus Härtel (PM and Animation) and Christian Zajac (Programming) also of Flatmade GbR.

The project was created entirely in Unity 5 and running in realtime at constant 90 FPS on a 1070 gtx machine.

Other tools I used Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Maya, Vray for Maya, Xnormal, Zbrush, C#, Photoshop, Quixel Suite

  • Stephan Isermann
  • Christian Zajac
  • Markus Härtel
  • Genre: Virtual Reality
  • Platform: OpenVR
  • Client: Grundig
  • Agency: Madhat GmbH
  • Role: Full Service
  • Special: Realtime Unity3D
  • Date: August 2016

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